Flower Eaters

★ Can you describe what’s happening?
★ Why do you think this is happening?
★ How do you know that?
★ Is there anything you don’t know?
★ What do you think these birds are called?
★ What would be a good name for them? Why?
★ Can you design a bird that might eat the water lilies growing in a lake? Think about its size, weight, beak shape, wing shape and type of feet
★ Can you design a bird that might eat the dandelions in your garden? How might it be different to the bird you designed above? How might it be the same?


Sparrows usually eat insects and bees, but they also eat seeds from bird feeders, and sometimes they eat flowers. People think they may be attracted to the nectar in the flowers but, as you can see, they seem to eat the petals too.